Measure Success and track Growth

Get actionable Insights that help your Business Grow

Make informed business decisions through meaningful insights from social media analytics. Use the feedback from analytics reports and fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal performance.

Automate Your Content Strategy Like A Boss!

It’s one thing to create amazing content. It’s an entirely different thing for that content to be seen by your target market. And that’s the beauty of Spark Social.

Multi-Channel Social and Content Analytics

Get Robust Actionable Analytics from all your social channels with the Ease of having it all in ONE-Place with the additional flexibility of getting it divided into sections (Overall, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Measure stats like total engagement, audience growth, top-performing posts, and countless

more. Watch and monitor your social channel’s activity evolve with graphs and charts.

“So happy to be again a customer of Spark Social, great API and so many improvements in the interface, the tool is awesome”
Tom West
CEO of Design Space

Custom Reports made for your brand

Share the performance of your social media channels in the form of customized reports. These reports are tailored to your brand color and business logo. This is Ideal for large teams and Teams delivering social media and content marketing services

“I’ve had @SparkSocial for about 24 hours now and I honestly don't know how I functioned without it before”
Allen Soto
Product Designer

Automated Reports that are simple, yet comprehensive

We have automated the process of report generation and distribution for you.

Periodically share your social media accomplishments with colleagues, peers, and decision-makers. Simply create a pool of 25 or fewer emails addresses and set a time and date when the report should land in their inbox.

“Its easier to get your analytics moving when you don't always have to look for it”
Tom West
CEO of Design Space

Robust Insights to get you growing

You have all the metrics you need to make smarter decisions and grow your Business…

Get valuable stats for your top content, sentiment analysis, best performing day, the best time to post, top hashtags, and many more.

Use this data to work out an audience-centric social media strategy.

“Staying on top of our Numbers have helped us grow and scale our results almost exponentially”
Allen Soto
Product Designer
More Features

We're more than an analytic tool.

Drag and Drop Embed

The entire web’s content is your oyster. Search in real time from multiple sources for content that will greatly enhance your posts

UTM and Link Tracking

Build UTM templates and adds UTM parameters automatically to all of your shared links

AI Content Intelligence

Get deep insights on how the content has performed historically for a given keyword or a topic.

Multi Region and Languages

We monitor popular websites for new content in different regions and languages.

AI Generated Captions

Get context-relevant captions for your social media posts that look like they were written by a human.

Automatic Citation

Stay 100% compliant with auto article citations to ensure that you’re 100% compliant.

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