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1 Click Podcast Creation and Distribution

Generate podcast audio – download to your computer or instantly share to all the Major Podcast ​Sell creating podcast content, Natural Voice-Overs (VSLs, Audiobooks, Demo Videos, etc.) as a service

Automate Your Content Strategy Like A Boss!

It’s one thing to create amazing content. It’s an entirely different thing for that content to be seen by your target market. And that’s the beauty of Spark Social.

1 Click Article to Podcast Engine

Using Our Robust Engine, You can simply Pick an Article, Edit the Text and Using 1 Click Distribute your Audio to Podcast Channels like Spotify, Podbean, etc

This Provides a Huge Advantage to make your Content work for you with Podcast and a NEW Marketing Medium to Dominate with Ease

“So happy to be again a customer of Spark Sociall, great API and so many improvements in the interface, the tool is awesome”
Tom West
CEO of Design Space

Robust Text to Speech Engine

With Our Robust Text To Speech Engine, You have the Flexibility and Unprecedented power to create Human Sounding Voice Overs for Podcasts, Videos, SalesPages, Demos, Trainings and much more

“I’ve had @SparkSocial for about 24 hours now and I honestly don't know how I functioned without it before”
Allen Soto
Product Designer

Content Assistant Editor

To Get the Best Article Podcasting Experience, We are delivering Rich Content Assistance from our Millions of Article Database.

Witness True Article Audio Composing Assistant with realtime article and Quote discovery in the Editor.

“So happy for the Content Assistance that allows us accelerate our content for podcast by simply using a keyword in the editor to search for content inspiration that we can drag and drop into the Text-to-Speech Editor in realtime
Tom West
CEO of Design Space

Download and Distribute in 1 Click

Easily Download generated Audio to your computer and/or Distribute your Audio and Publish to all the Major Podcast Channels Instantly

This save you a Tonne of Time and Hurdles and enables you Instantly get your Audio to Major Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more in 1 Click

“The Ease of Distributing Created Audio to all the major channels instantly is MIND-BLOWING - This enabled us to start faster and stay Consistent”
Allen Soto
Product Designer
More Features

Industry Leading Text to Speech Controls to deliver Superior Voice-Overs

Language Support

Give the AI specific language instruction for specific parts of the texts

Multiple Speaking Style

Choose from 2 different speaking style (Conversational or Newsletter)

Word Pronunciation Style

Specify whether to say selected text as words, numbers, spelled out etc.

Multiple Voices

Choose from a Wide Variety of Male and female Voices to for the Perfect Voiceovers for your Podcast

Audio Intelligence

Get the Flexibility of Selecting different Style for different parts of one Audio for more voice control.

Speaking Speed Control

Select a different Speaking Speed or even mute certain texts or Word in your Text and Podcast Creation

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