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From Discovery to Automation, Sparksocial provides you everything to supercharge your content marketing results from a single dashboard

Content Discovery At Your Fingertips

Best Content

You can get content on almost any topic you want. Explore and collect trending content in any niche at less time

See the Hottest Trend

Increase your knowledge, influence and thought leadership by sharing the best content with your audience.

5 Content Types

With our Content Engine, you have the Power of a Robust Content Strategy not just on one content type but across 5 Content Types.

Powerful Builder

Search for content by keywords, domains, authors or hashtags and use Boolean operators to build complex queries.

Hassle Free Multi-Channel Composer

Lightening Fast, Dedicated Composer

Consistency is key and with our Composer you will fall in love with creating your content… We’ve got you covered with 4 Dedicated intuitive editor. You will be able to create awesome content at a faster pace.

Drag and Drop from the Entire Web

Everything is Just a Drag and Drop Away literally giving you the ability to drag and drop contents from around the Web in real-time into the editor. This is having the Entire Web at the center of the Composer.

Customize for each Network

If you like to tailor your posts for different social networks, you can quickly split a common post and customize it for each network. Optimize your caption, hashtags, and mentions for each network to maximize engagement

Link Shortening & UTM Tracking

Enable automatic link shortening with our built-in shortener or connect with Bitly. You can build UTM templates and adds UTM parameters automatically to all of your shared links.

Automation Recipes

Set and Forget Publishing

Set your own posting interval for each campaign to create an optimal posting frequency. You can even create a custom schedule by choosing the best days and times for publication.

Reviewable Automation

Users can choose to Create Set the Automation to be completely hands-free or set a Pre-Approval process for all curated contents thus giving you more flexibility

Auto-Post and Auto-Discover

Create campaigns that will auto-post (reviewable) and auto-discover highly relevant content to your destination channels without ever interrupting you.

Smart Suggestions

As soon as you start typing you get related keyword suggestions to further expand or limit your content. You can quickly exclude or include any of the suggested keywords with a single click.

1 Click Podcast Creation and Distribution

Generate podcast audio – download to your computer or instantly share to all the Major Podcast​Sell creating podcast content, Natural Voice-Overs (VSLs, Audiobooks, Demo Videos, etc.) as a service

Distribute Podcast in 1 Click

Robust Text to Audio Engine

Different Voices and Language Suppport

Article Podcasting

1 Click Article to Podcast

Using Our Robust Engine, You can simply Pick an Article, Edit the Text and Using 1 Click Distribute your Audio to Podcast Channels like Spotify, Podbean, etc

Robust Text to Speech

With Our Robust Text To Speech Engine, You have the Flexibility and Unprecedented power to create Human Sounding Voice Overs for Podcasts, Videos, SalesPages, Demos, Trainings and much more

Content Assistant Editor

We are delivering Rich Content Assistance from our Millions of Article Database. Witness True Article Audio Composing Assistant with realtime article and Quote discovery in the Editor.

Download and Distribute in 1 Click

Easily Download generated Audio to your computer and/or Distribute your Audio and Publish to all the Major Podcast Channels Instantly. This save you a Tonne of Time and Hurdles

Content Planner and Scheduler

Schedule your content

No more clunky spreadsheets with disconnected work-flows. Our Calendar gives you a view of your entire Day, Month and Year with the ability to your content strategy by the second.

Powerful filters

Finding what you are looking for and what matters to you is a few seconds away. No more wasting time looking for content that is already published, scheduled or disapproved.

Social and Blog Channel

Whether you are planning content for your blog or social media, you can manage it all from a single place having both calendar- view and list-view at your disposal.

Smart Suggestions

As soon as you start typing you get related keyword suggestions to further expand or limit your content. You can quickly exclude or include any of the suggested keywords with a single click.

Insightful Analytics

Social and Content Analytics

Get Robust Actionable Analytics from all your social channels with the Ease of having it all in ONE-Place with the additional flexibility of getting it divided into sections

Custom Reports

Share the performance of your social media channels in the form of customized reports. These reports are tailored to your brand color and business logo. This is Ideal for large teams and marketing agency

Simple Automated Reports

Periodically share your social media accomplishments with colleagues, peers, and decision-makers. Simply set a time and date when the report should land in their inbox.

Robust Insights

Get valuable stats for your top content, sentiment analysis, best performing day, the best time to post, top hashtags, and many more. Use this data to work out an audience-centric social media strategy.

Collaborate with your team

Real-Time Team Collaboration

SparkSocial allows teams to effectively communicate and collaborate on your content and social media strategy in real-time. You can create different roles, assign tasks by mentioning team members, drafts, progress, monitor activity, and version history.

Flexible Team and Client Access

Easily create different Roles both for Team Members and Clients. This Eliminate the stress of who can access what information when it comes to social media accounts and publishing rights

Workspaces and Project

With our Workspaces, you get the flexibility to easily create Completely segmented Folders which can be used to deliver social and content Services to Different Brands as an Agency.

Everything just gets Easier

Collaboration just makes creating a Winning Social Media Campaign easier on every level. Create teams, manage reviews, approvals, editing etc and get a better performing team and Agency Business at your fingertips


Hours Saved Monthly on SparkSocial Platform with deep automation rules by more than 100k+ users

“A True “Set and forget” system for social media content and blog sites and when you put in the time daily then the results becomes even greater. It's more than just a software, it's a part of business growth at this Point.”

Ephraim Fisher
Online Marketer/Business Consultant

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